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    From spinning his mom and dad’s records to recording his voice on an old cassette recorder since he was age three and trying to imitate Frank Gifford and Howard Cosell, it appeared Eddie Maxwell was destined for a career in radio and voiceovers. Eddie currently lives in Wasilla, Alaska with his wife and two teenage children.

    Radio Personality

    EDDIE BEGAN HIS VOICEOVER CAREER AT A SMALL STATION IN WASILLA, ALASKA IN THE LATE 1980’S. AND AFTER OVER 20 YEARS IN ANCHORAGE RADIO, HE’S BACK IN WASILLA. he programmed a classic country station for over 5 years and now he's back programming the station where he started his career. although the call letters and format have changed since 1989, he's definitely at home on 99.7 fm, kmbq.

    Voiceover Production

    Eddie has been doing local commercial and voiceover production since he started in radio. His production and voice work have branched out into the TV field as well, and he has several commercials airing on the Anchorage TV stations.

    Heard Internationally

    He’s also gone global! Eddie’s voicework can be heard on radio and TV from Alaska to Canada and all over the lower 48. Eddie Maxwell provides the services of radio and TV dry voice reads or full production. Other services Eddie provides include voicetracking for radio stations, imaging, narration or documentary style reads. He also has a vast knowledge of Selector, so if you need music scheduled for your station(s), Eddie’s the man! Eddie is very versatile. He can deliver a warm, natural read or strong, hard-sell delivery. Eddie’s specialty is quick turn-around and returning your project back same day


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    Eddie Maxwell

    Phone: 907 301 2966

    Email: mrmidday@yahoo.com